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By percybigun
I'm running archicad 15 64bit on windows 7 on a fairly high spec computer.

a 200mb model a created in 14 (and have worked on alot in the past in 14 on the same computer, where it ran very fast) is now running very slow, especially in the layouts.

is this likely to be sorted in the next hotfix or is this going to be an ongoing problem unless i build yet another high spec pc?

or is there any settings i could try, update my graphics card drivers etc?
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By Matthew Lohden
I have migrated all my projects to 15 now and am finding it o be quite a bit faster all around. This is probably because most of the projects are very large, complex or both and the 64bit memory addressing seems to make a big difference. This is on a 3 1/2 year old MacPro with fairly good video cards (512MB ea).

I assume it's a large drawing set that is making up the bulk of the file. Are you using any particularly large bitmaps or PDFs as drawings or backgrounds? Thought this shouldn't make a difference from 14 to 15 AFAIK.
By East City
Just to add another voice to this issue - very slow reaction time Archicad15 on basic tool commands (add node, subtract/add to polygon, offset edge etc...). No problem with archiad14, even when working remotely through BIM server.
Happening to other users where I work - no difference in size of jpgs, pdfs or xref cad info than with any earlier versions of Archicad we have used. It shouldn't be creating this lag time for EVERY command.
By ossapha
I can also confirm, after testing multiple projects on multiple mac computers, that ArchiCAD 15 is indeed very slow. The biggest problem is the "lag" time nearly 2 seconds delay in execution (spinning ball is common) for nearly all basic commands.

I think a major patch release is needed to address these performance issues.

I wish more users would document their such experiences.

No such problems with any other version of ArchiCAD release.

Running OSX Lion with 20GB Ram 1GB Video card, SSD Drives 8 Core CPU.
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By Karl Ottenstein
I've not experienced any delays or beach balls... have to wonder if there is a conflict with something else on your system?

Are you running solo or teamwork?
By ossapha
Thanks Karl,

Seems like you are quite right. I reformatted 10.7 and AC15 is much much quicker now. I think there was maybe an OpenGL conflict somewhere in the system.

The new client image will be replicated across the office to fix the problem.
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By Angry
Suffering the same issue right now.
It is particularly bad while working in 3d.

The following make no difference to the slow performance:
Teamworked (online or offline) or Solo
having both 14 and 15 running on the same machine.
Number of Layouts (there are only 2 default ones in this file)
Number of Materials loaded (I deleted all but 1)

What does seem to have an effect is switching from openGL to the internal renderer. Even though the IR is slow to resolve into a still image, the mouse response time feels normal. With OpenGL on I click and then wait.

Also switching from 2 monitors to 1 seems to improve response time slightly (might be a placebo effect)

But this smells like a graphics card issue.

So...I've checked my graphics card (ATI radeon 4800 Series) for any updates via windows (vista 64). It said there were none. Then I checked with the graphics card manufacturer's website - Downloaded a small app to autodect the right driver for the system - it said to use 'this' driver (no idea if this is actually different from what I have) Installed it, re-launched AC15 and... it is still slower than AC14, less slow but still slower. Now for a re-start. better post this or I'll loose it.

Nope. It's still slow. Back to AC14 and over to you guys!

AC14/15-3602 vista 64bit
By ErnstdeGroot
Hello you guys,

I'm new here so sorry for stupid questions. I'm also just working with Archicad for 8 months, so I'm don't know everything yet.

The question. I have also problem with Archicad running very slow in 2D. I'm using Archicad 15 an a brand new iMac with the best specs, so there should be now problems with speed. Yet there is.

For the project I'm working on I've drawn a pretty big area, about 8 square km. This so i can make nice bird view renders.

In the beginning the project was not slow at al, and almost anything was ready. Later on I probably made a change somewhere or somehow. Know I can't zoom in anywhere on the project because it gets really slow and sometimes Archicad even quits working.

When I was drawing I maybe changed the zoom or drawing options in the quick menu to 1:1. I read something about this on But I'm not sure of this is making my drawing slow because I've no idea how I could change or check it.

So please, anyone help me out. For the moment I fixed it with making the building in an other drawing en past it in the situation as a hotline. But later on I need to make some changes in the slow working project.