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Do you remember on your first ArchiCAD? What was your favorite feature?
OK, let me be the first one.
My most favorite features were:
AC4.5 (my first version): GDL
AC6: 3D Editing
AC8: OpenGL and SEO
AC10: PlotMaker integration and AutoText
AC11: Trace Reference
AC12: Curtain Wall
AC13: Teamwork 2
AC15: Shell
AC16: Morph
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I was first introduced to ArchiCAD 6.5 at university back in 1999. At technical college before we had been taught the basics of 2d AutoCAD, so seeing the 3d capabilities of ArchiCAD for the first time blew me away! I thought the Ghost storey function was amazing, and the rendering capabilities were incredibly realistic! :lol:

A little later I also purchased David Nicholson-Coles GDL Cookbook which really opened my eyes to the hidden potential. Very geeky, but still quite exciting! :wink:
There is a mistake on the wiki page...

The first PC version was 4.12 - I had demo of this version - and it was the firs AC I tried.

Than I used 4.5 on EASA in Zamosc, Poland that was co-sponsored by GS ;-)

Than I bought a 5.0 full license being a student and working on my own....(I still remember some of friends asking if I am insane...they did not think of buying any software license on that time, and there was not free edu then)

I still think that AC 5.0 box is best of AC boxes on my shelf ;-)

Best Regards,
I started on version 11. Which I think was the last version to have a printed manual with it.

Reading the history I can't imagine having to work without some of the tools I use everyday such as Virtual Trace and Worksheets which came out with v11.
After using AutoCAD from its early days, my first Archicad experience was 6.5 and I just didn't get it. Changed jobs back to Autocad for a few years, then back to Archicad v8.1, but this time it clicked for me and there was no turning back.
Reflections in Lightworks renderings got me very excited. :wink:
Started with AC 4.16 for Mac at the university computer lab and later on my own computer with AC4.55 for PC.
The most impressive features for me are:
- Stories - the fact that they were available as a standard feature of the application was a miracle!
- Customisable shortcuts /for AC 6.0/
- Ghost story/trace and reference
- Being able to plot directly from the application /integration of Plotmaker/
- DWG attachment.