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By Steve Jepson
This is the tea pot in the benchmark .mxi I rendered using the default settings. My benchmark was very low. 46% or something. It took 1h40m23s to render this on my wimpy laptop. This is why I need a render farm.

I can remember when a rendering like this would have been breath taking.
Now it's good quality but not that special.


My Benchmark: 376 :cry: 46.37% update on my benchmark time- but the benchmark times from earlier versions to not equate directly to the new version 4 benchmark times.

Intel R Core TM 2 CPU T7600 2.33GHz 2 3.2 GB Win64

The fastes render time was 3m23s :shock: :shock:

with 1 AMD Opteron tm Processor 6282 SE
Benchmark: 1379.22 !
(64 cores) 3.1 GB RAM Maxwell version
Linux 64 3daltm
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By Steve Jepson
Check out this iraystuff.
The rendering bar is very high now thanks to GPU

This M4D stuff is great.
By TurboGlider
Steve, you don't need a expensive renderfarm, we have about 1500 benchmarkpoints here at our work and most of our HQ pictures are rendering under 12 hours. And the benchmarkpoints are scalable, so if you have 2 of 300 points (i7 2600), you will get about 600 points. And you don't need alot of expencive harware on those computers. Basic gfx-card on motherboard are enough. I guess you could build a complete i7 2600 in about 500 euro (we have 5)... So about 2500euro. Much cheaper than one of those :
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Intel R Xeon R CPU E5-2687W 0 3.10GHz 4m12s 1106.11 32 64 GB Win64 
:D [/code]
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By Steve Jepson
and how much computer do you need for this kind of real-time preview ?

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By Steve Jepson
or this from Lumion 3D.

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By junior
Steve Jepson wrote:and how much computer do you need for this kind of real-time preview?
In terms of video cards.... definitely a high-end gaming card or a high-end workstation card.... the latter could cost as much as $3000 to $4000 but claimed to be superior with open GL stuff. But that's ridiculous unless you absolutely/truly need it (opt for the quadro 4000 instead for about $800 if you favor quadro cards over gaming cards). I've seen high-end gaming cards perform just as well however. The GTX 690 alone is around $1000. Or get a pair of GTX 580's as used in the video you linked to for $500 dollars a pop. And if your into GPU rendering like Jeff Patton is, then high-end gaming cards are a must have in your rig.
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By Jose Gemez
kliment wrote:I cannot understand it, but I like it! :)
Nice job!
:D It's only a try, I have made some tries with "dragon" and morph and this looks good, so I decide to share it.
This is the unit for panelling with dragon.
By garquitectos at 2012-07-22
I want to get something like subsurface scattering (like human skin)... its for a contest... :roll:
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