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I have AC16 with Hotfix 2 installed. This is the same Hotfix as we use on our BIM Server and the current available hotfix for the Belgian/Dutch release.

To be able to participate in Ecodesigner Star, you need to update to a newer hotfix (3) which is not available for our localized version and will disconnect me from our local BIM server.

Can you install ArchiCAD a second time and apply the hotfix on that version?
You should be able to. In the old days we'd just copy the whole folder and that'd give us a second installation.

However you get the 2 versions of 16 on your machine, when you go to use the hotfix, it gives you a prompt to select which ArchiCAD you want updated. Which means you should be able to update one but not the other.
I've installed successfully this Hotfix-3 on my two working versions (POL and INT) + BIMserver changing folder only. So this should work also for Dutch/Belgian version too.