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By danlawrence
I can not download Interior Wizard!

I down loaded Interior Wizard and used it for ceilings on my last project. I can not find it associated with this project.

How do I find the Plugin Directory?

Message received when try to download:

X Free Download Manager in not properly installed! Please reinstall
Free Download Manager.

If you want to download with your browser please remove
"npfdm.dll" file in the Plugin Directory of your browser.

Error code: 80040154
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By LaszloNagy
It seems to me that this is not an ArchiCAD question but rather a question related to your browser.
Which browser are you using?
Can you download it with another browser?

The download page containing the Interior Wizard Add-On can be accessed using the Help\ArchiCAD 16 downloads menu command.
By danlawrence
I was using Google Earth
I switched to Microsoft Explorer
I have since been able to download Interior Wizard
I have since found out that it will not work unless an
Interior Zone has been created.
Currently it will not install ceiling grid and says that this item is not installed in library. It allowed me to relink, but it is still not allowing install of ceiling grid, even though zone is selected as required to initiate.
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By LaszloNagy
Yes, the Interior Wizard needs a Zone as it creates its stuff based on the geometry of a Zone.

Make sure that the Accessories Library is loaded from your application folder so you have available in your loaded libraries the GDL objects the Interior Wizard is trying to place.
By danlawrence
I have the Ceiling grid installed and adjusted.

I have found that it will not let me install a 2x2 fixture or return air in a 4x8 ceiling tile. A I doing something wrong?

Sorry, I am doing as built survey and this is what I have to document.
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By LaszloNagy
Can you post a screenshot or two so I can see exactly where the problem occurs?
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By David Maudlin

Another option could be the Ceiling Editor object discussed here:
Ceiling Editor object for design

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