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By Karl Ottenstein
For many (most?) searches, the search function of the ArchicadWiki (using Google) is far superior to the Search function text link on this page.

Go to:

and enter your search in the "Search Site" box at the top left. It in fact searches all Graphisoft sites, including ac-talk.

There are tabs in the search result page to let you see results from a particular source - ac-talk, the wiki, Help or - instead of from all sources.

There is also a tab for 'Image' which lets you see images related to your search - and find the associated topics.

NOTE: when you search there - or directly in Google or other search engines - sometimes you'll click on a link that presents an ac-talk thread without any graphics, particularly attached images. This generally means that the result is in some kind of print-preview mode.

You can change the URL in your browser so that you can see the topic normally. Just delete the part of the URL that reads "printertopic=1&".

For example, if your search result sends you here: ... c=1&t=5959

just remove that bit of the URL to get this which will show the topic in the normal, graphical way: ... php?t=5959

(I'm not sure, but think the goofy URL's come from the way the Google-bots crawl around the site.)