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Hi. I found a repeatable bug, so I thought I'd do the right thing and report it. So I came to this forum I saw the 'Report a bug' link at the top and clicked on it.
However, nowhere on that linked page does it tell me how to report a bug!
So, since there was a search box on that page, I typed in "Report a bug" and instead I got information about reporting an Archicad crash. My Archicad's not crashing, I've just found a teensy little bug, and I thought it would be nice to report it.
Two questions:
1) Where do I REALLY report a bug?
2) Could the "report a bug" link on the archicad-talk forum please lead to something a little bit more helpful?
Bugs are reported through your local reseller. So, the link does about the best it can do, letting you pick your country to find the contact information.

Well, maybe not the best it could do...:-( Clicking Contact (subtitle is to get support) leads to the "Where to buy"/map page... without explaining that indeed, you get support from the same people you buy the software from. It is their task to escalate actual bugs up the line to Graphisoft HQ.

So, for Australia (assuming you're in THAT Melbourne, and not the one in Florida), the procedure seems to be to log into your Graphisoft Select account and file/track your bug reports there:

Agree, it should be super easy for everyone to report issues so that they are more likely to be fixed. The "Report a bug" link at the top of this page was a step in that direction, but your point is really valid that things could be easier after clicking that link.
Thanks Karl.
I hereby vote that the "report a bug" link get redirected to the response you just gave me :)