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By angus lee
I hope AC can work in Drag, Roate, Mirror, Elevate in all views and drawings. Because it is so annoying that limited function in different views. eg. I hope to rotate the mesh to stand up .... but it only let me to rotate along the plan....-.-

I know there is ArchiRotate addon. but I expect this must be one basic function for a 3D modeling software(I know AC is not exactly 3D modeling, but what I want is some basic function....).
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By Barry Kelly
You have always been able to move 3D elements in a section or elevation and now in 17 you can copy (duplicate) them too.

Freely rotating elements is another matter because as soon as you rotate them they no longer conform to the methods of construction that created them.
i.e. a mesh you set the heights of the top surface in the z-axis.
Rotate it and this no longer applies.

But since version 16 simply convert to a Morph and do what you like to it.

By mzex
few days ago I found out that copying in section is now enabled in AC 17. That just got me really happy. I am surprised that graphisoft haven't talked about this feature more.
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By Barry Kelly
Well it was mentioned in the "New Features" section of the reference guide.