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When the Detail is the front window and I change the Renovation Filter I get this Warning, which explains the situation.

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Thank you for your reply. That explains it.
I have also taken your advice and amended my signature for the future.

Thanks again.

I don't get it -- I can't make my detail's renovation filter stick:

1. In plan view, with renovation: Planned Status on, I place a detail marker.
2. I open the detail, and renovation: Existing Plan is on.
3. I switch to renovation: Planned Status, see the rebuild warning, and click "Change Anyway".
4. I hit "Rebuild from Source View" and the detail looks as it should.
5. Now in the Navigator, I select the detail, click Settings, and see the same yellow warnings Dan got. I tried hitting "Get Current Window's Settings", but when I click OK, it's reverted to renovation: Existing Plan again. No difference when I place the detail on a layout -- it's still on Existing Plan.

How do I make the renovation filter stick?
No, still dealing with it. My work around is to select all after the detail looks as it should, then hit Rennov: New, then Rennov: Existing, and save settings. Then when I double click the detail in Navigator it pops up in existing mode, but with all new stuff too, and I just flesh out the detail in existing mode as though it were new. Follow?

Yes it's a pain. Don't know why it does this. But I assume we'd be hearing from more people if everyone had the problem? I'll have to see if the problem's still there in AC17.
Ok not sure if this will fix your problem or not, but I believe that in the "view map" - "details" - settings, the overall settings for all the sublisted details not the individual detail view settings, you can set the renovation status and it will apply to all the sublisted details. If you would like both demo and new details, then you will have to use the clone a folder option to create a new sublisted set of details (kind of like the difference between floor plans and reflected ceiling plans) and in that new folders settings, set the other renovation filter you would like to use.