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By venecasper
I'm just getting started with BIMx on my iPad and have a quick question. This may be covered elsewhere but here is my question. I have imported about a dozen 3d models into my BIMx player on my iPad, all work great but would like to remove some of them. How do I remove files from my iPad BIMx player?

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By Karl Ottenstein
Like most iOS apps - swipe to the left on the model you want to delete when looking at the list of models. A red 'delete' button will appear on the right.
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By Karl Ottenstein
You're welcome. iOS 7 changed more than a few things (including how things are deleted in some apps), so even some of us old-timers got/get confused after the upgrade. ;-)
By vasil4y92
Hi everyone!
I have the same problem, and i tryed everything to fix it. I restarted bimx, installed hotfix 2 and 3, i am with standart work environment ON sooo i'm pretty desperate at the moment :D three hours of reading posts and trying things didn't helped .