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I need this object. Could someone please be so kind as to email me this object?
I've used it in the past and now for some reason I can't seem to login to this "Depository section" of the GS could one of you kind users email me this object?

thank you in advance,
I get nothing Karl.
can seem to post to the forums...yet that Depository area...doesn't want to accept my username/password.
#223992 I went to my "cookies" removed them all and tried it again...dunno..seemed to have worked.
I was now able to login with that link you gave me.

What gives?
Not sure. You should not have to log in at all... see my first post... if you are logged into ac-talk, you are also logged in to the depository... Are you saying that while you are logged in here and click that link, that it asks you to log in again?
yes...that is correct.
I can be logged into the AC talk forums (where i am typing right now) and when I try to go to the "Depository" it asks me to log in again....and when I type the same username/password then says "incorrect username and/or password" and it wont let me log in to the Depository but I can still be logged into this discussion forum.....go figure.