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Bumping this thread...

Im looking to relocate to the west coast.. would love to have some resource from which to select firms to apply to - i really want to continue working in Archicad.. but its rather difficult to sort who uses the software and who doesn't.
I think you guys are overcomplicating the OPs post. Let's start the list here, then decide what to do with it...
I for one would really like to know what other firms are using ArchiCAD, these are two that I know of, current and previous employer:

Morgan Carn Partnership Architects
Blakers House
79 Stanford Avenue
East Sussex
+44 (0)1273 55 77 77

Bond Bryan Architects
Verralls House
95 High Street
TN16 1RE
+44 (0)1959 567 300
Hi Folks -

I have set up an ArchiCAD User Directory on the new website ARCHICAD USER:

This portal integrates the user list with a jobs board, with a front page that will offer up to date links to the latest news, stories, articles and tutorials about ArchiCAD. In addition, free ArchiCAD Coaching sessions and Question of the Day will provide support for users to refine and improve their skills.

For more info, check my post in ArchiCAD-Talk: ... hp?t=45561

Please come visit the site, join the user group (it's free) and add your name to the directory list!

Eric Bobrow