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Everything related to BIMx and BIMx Docs: functionality, platforms, features, etc.

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By LaszloNagy
Dear Talkers,

We decided to create a dedicated Forum for BIMx. The product is being constantly developed and updated and deserves its own forum now.
Please post all BIMx (formerly known as VBE - Virtual Building Explorer, and known as Zermatt Engine even before that) in this forum.

I am moving all BIMx and VBE-related threads into this forum so they should all be found in this forum shortly.
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By Steve Jepson
I am misunderstanding something.
ArchiCAD-Talk is a Forum. BIMx is an Index on this Forum.
I thought you were saying that there is a separate dedicated Forum for BIMx some where.
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By LaszloNagy
Well, rather, ArchiCAD-Talk is a collection of Forums.
If you are on the main page you can see that in the title row it says: Forum, Topics, Posts, etc.
Each of those main categories, like ArchiCAD+, BIMx, Working in ArchiCAD, etc. is a Forum.

Don't ask me why it is this way, I am just using the site's nomenclature. :wink:
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By Steve Jepson
Do you see the irony here?
No matter what you call them, it is impossible not to already know about what is being announced because you had to choose "BIMx" form the "ArchiCADTalk Forum Index", then choose the Topic called " BIMx now has it's own forum"

Like so:
"ArchiCAD-Talk Forum Index -> BIMx -> BIMx now has its own forum"

So you see why the announcement of a newly dedicated Forum for BIMx with out a link to it would seem curious. :lol: