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By ReignBough
I am not sure where to post this but is there a way to put an inline code withing your post? The [code] tag will create a block of code (same as <pre>).

I found this from PHP BB but unable to use it here.
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By Karl Ottenstein
It used to work.... Select the code block and tap the Code button...

Code: Select allTesting
   Indented 3
   If something
      Do something
       Do something else
End test

Seems to still work.
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By Karl Ottenstein
Make sure that when you are creating your post that there is NOT a check in the box below the message entry area for "Disable BBCode in this post". It MUST be enabled for any markup codes to be honored. You can set your default to always enable in your forum Profile.
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By ReignBough
The one I am referring to is the HTML's code-tag (<code></code>). The current BBCode's code-tag ([code][/code]) is equivalent to HTLM's pre-tag (<pre></pre>).

This is to make variables, functions, etc. on the same paragraph and not in the code box.