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First time doing this...
I need to send the structural engineer the building model so that he can explore
and get dimensions of the building.

I just saved the job as a bimx file, but it asked me about cameras, I think I just left the first radio button selected. Do I need to save cameras paths for it to work? I didn't save any. I did save some views though.

Do I just send him the bimX file and the bimx explorer viewer?
Where do I find the bimx explorer viewer?

Is it the BimX uploader that I send with the bimX file???
++BimX question 1 .jpg

The first time you create a BIMx file, there should be another file in the same location Get_BIMx.url, which will open a web page with links to the BIMx Viewers. Send the engineer the BIMx file and the Get_BIMx.url file, he should need to download the Viewer only the first time.

Thanks David,

I actualy sent the BIMx for Archicad 18 and the BIMx file Monday night and didn't hear anything yesterday about them not being able to use. Will call over there this morning and check. If they are having trouble with it I will send the URL.

Thanks again...Jon
URL is worth sending in any case, Jon:

(a) they'll have a link to the PDF quick reference card to help them navigate .. as well as to the full User Guide (text link above the download section).

(b) they're sure to download the most up-to-date version for their platform, since Windows and OS X links are there. [And, hey, maybe your engineer was born in France and wants the French version at that. ;-) ]
As it turns out, the structural engineer and his entire office is using Windows Vista and evidently, BIMx won't go there... UGH, All that for nothing... is about all I can say for now.