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gkmethy wrote:We have enabled the TouchBB script, so you should be able to use the TouchBB app with ArchiCAD-Talk now. We have tinkered with this in the past, but it never worked great. Currently it's functional, but I am getting Timeout errors all the time. It's a little annoying, but it's usable.

Every time I open Archi-TALK I get the "We have detected that you are..." pop-up (see attached).
I click cancel and it pops up again. Clicking "OK" opens the App store, only to say "Item Not Available".

Does TouchBB still exist?

Any advice on eliminating the popups?

(iPhone 5s w/ current iOS)
Marton Kiss wrote:
Stress Co. wrote: Any advice on eliminating the popups?

We disabled it as the app indeed disappeared from the App Store. Apologies for the inconveniences.


Köszönöm Marton!
I noticed the absence of the popups before I read your post. :D :D