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By Flithje

I'm Paul and I'm new to this forum,
I am an intern at an architect company.
When I use archiCAD there is one thing that bothers..
I have many repeats in my drawings.
So my wish or of it exists my question is:
Is it possible to chance one label and it chances all of the "same" labels to my chanced version?

Thank you!
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By LaszloNagy
Select all Labels you wish to modify. You may use the Find & Select Tool to do that.
Then go to the Label Settings Dialog and in the Text Label panel you can edit the text of the label.
After clicking OK the text of all selected Labels will be modified.
By Flithje
I understand what you mean,

but if there are more than 300 labels and I only want the 50 with Isolation 300 chanced in Isolation 200. (example). do I need to select them one by one? or is there an other way?

(Is it possible to connect all labels with the words isolation 300 to each other? so if i chanced that one its chanced in the whole archicad drawing ( including details etc etc.)?
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By Erwin Edel
This is an autotext issue.

3 ways to approach this:

Edit > Search and Replace Text
This will allow you to search all text fields in your views and replace text.

File > Info > Project Info
Create custom text fields here that you can reference as autotext in all text tools.
Negative side of this: you can't easily move this from one project to the next.

Create 2d objects with text and place those as labels on views. Use the line tools to create the label leader. Edit the object and save it and all instances will update.
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By Erwin Edel
Another thing, looking at your location, I assume you are Dutch and taking internship at a dutch office (probably).

As an intern you should apply for the (free) ArchiCAD course at Kubus, assuming the office you work at has a subscription. This will save the people helping you there a lot of time to teach the basics and will allow you to be productive a lot faster.

Unless this has changed over the last year or so.

Just something to consider. :D