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By Hmooslechner
The now existing UI-programming is a "pain in the a.."

It surely is wonderful - that there now is the pure possibility - BUT:

You exactly understand what i mean if You try it by Yourself..

Here is my wish:

Make it possible to create the UI in a graphical way!

1. It would be "the killer" to manipulate the Items per mousedrag ond arrow-keys!

2. Marking an item - then make it bigger and smaller per Mouse or numbers or in any other Way than the now typing numbers in an text! The scripttext should follow the graphical mousactions!


Graphisoft! If You want more and better UI's in library-Parts - make it human for the programmers! Now its much too time-consuming!
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By Barry Kelly
Don't forget to vote for your own polls.

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By Hmooslechner
Thanks - that was not clear for me until now!

Some other thougts for this topic:

Now - in the normal GDL-Editor - parameter-List - the programmer declairs the parameter-name, the appearing name for the User, if its an Integer or an Angle and so on. Than its possible to make it unvisible for the later user..

What if here is made an other column - where it is possible to determine - that this parameter should appear in the graphical user-interface (or elswhere like at the infobox or in the contextmenue by rightklick or in the petpal)?

When its determined, that this parameter appears at the graphical UI - there schould be templates - or simpler a grid - where it appears - and in the background - the normal UI-script is made by Archicad. (The UI-Script should left as before for normal scripting)

If the UI-preview is displayed - the parameters should be edited per mouse like suggestid in my first post above. (or per script like now)

In the grapical preview there it schould also be possible to alter the kind of the appearence for each parameter - per context or rightklicking on it. (if its an UI_out or _IN - command - with picture or without..)

All the graphical actions should strike back into the script - (and vice versa).

The usage of prefabricated templates for the graphical UI could standardize the UIs - a benefit for the later users - to get used to the appearence of the UIs..

And of course - to implement a Pictogram into the UI could work per mousdrag from an system-explorerwindow or from a picture within the element itself or a picture from the library or directly out of the drawing-editor 2D or 3D - or from the clipboard - smile..

Wishes and butterflies.. :oops: