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The "report a bug" button on this forum's web site doesn't work. The hyperlink doesn't redirect to anyplace where one might actually report a bug.

GS has responded in the past that it works 'as designed'. Their intent is that the link takes you to your local reseller and that you follow the contact information there. E.g., for North America, reports go to GSNA. ArchiPlus/SSA subscribers may have a direct contact phone/email that differs.

I think your reaction is typical, Aaron. IMHO, there should be a bug report form that requests the license key (or client number) and then sends the report to the proper place without the user having to dig through the sales channel stuff.
Thanks Karl, although I must say that ever since GS took any responsibility for technical support from the Reseller chain and established themselves as the point of contact for technical issues, that this might just be an inconsistency that should be revisited. The Bug Report Button, I mean.