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By strom
Playing around with the label tool for a while and noticed that the space settings for a frame around the text are not the same as the ones for the text tool. Why Graphisoft invents new ways of spacing text frames between 2 different tools is beyond my comprehension so now i have Labels with frames that look different to text with frames.

Or should this be another work around? Do I have match it with my eye and spend time/waste time to get the result I need and maybe not get it right with common settings between tools. Another flaw to annotations perhaps?
By strom
Apparently Graphisoft has done some work on the Label Tool in Verion 19 so thanks to GS for reading through this and doing somthing about it.

I know so far that you can turn off the leader.

I have also been researching ways to SCHEDULE LABELS as I find this could be useful for a lot of things in documentation. Does anyone schedule their labels and what is the trick to getting label information into a schedule?
So... Any chance we are going to get multiple leaders anytime soon?

Or is there a way to do it that now and I am simply missing it?
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By ejrolon
The work around for A19 is to place one label in top of the other to have multiple leaders.
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By KellyKDH
11 years later and we're still wishing for this. :? This little change in text will save many people a lot of time trying to create text with separate leaders or all of the other work arounds mentioned in this forum.

My vote is absolutely essential!