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Updating one's template with every new version of ArchiCAD is a pain, mainly because you never know how the software has been improved each year and therefor you never know if your "updated template" jives with the updated software. It's the not knowing which is uncomfortable. For example, the change to building materials made my old template feel like it was worthless. I'm sure it could be fixed but it's a pain.

So Here is my Wish:

I wish that with every new version of ArchiCAD we were able to go through a template creation application, where we were methodically brought through every single aspect of what an ArchiCAD template can include so that we could re-create our templates knowing it both includes all we want it to include and also is in line with all the latest and greatest features ArchiCAD's newest version has. Doing an annual update like this would also make people familiar with all that ArchiCAD has to offer, and all that our templates need or do not need to contain. We can get rid of useless old stuff, and be introduced to the new stuff. I'm thinking it would be something like the "Turbo Tax" software, where it asks questions about how we like to use ArchiCAD, all the settings we prefer, like metric or imperial, like the way we chose to have our default dimensions look, etc. It could ask us to cut and paste our "General Notes" sheets in if they are boiler plate notes, etc.. Then after a few hours of that (or a whole day of that) we would have a fresh, personally customized and fully up to date template that we can use for the rest of the year.
This is a good idea!!

[Currently in lieu of that, I have created a "template upgrade checklist." It starts from the very "idiot" beginning of updating the software without the wibi key connected to reminding me to review every single item under the "work environment" (changes every year). Then I create an AC18 ATT file and open it in AC19, scrolling down past everything to see what "hidden" things may have changed. The hardest part of the whole thing are are the review of Menu updates. This takes me about 3-4 hrs out of one day every year and has always been worth it.

There is almost nothing I can offer with regards to Favorites. The problem with an excessively massive group of saved Favorites is that your Favorites settings are for things that may not work in the new version. (example would be addition of Materials in AC17 or combined library elements of AC14). Personally I dont discard my PLN Template file. The original has one of every item specifically placed somewhere on a Story with its Favorite Name as text below. With a new update, I open THAT file (not the template file) to see if anything changed, but then I just go thru the process of selecting and redefining every Favorite. This takes me the rest of the day, but again, it is worth it.]