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By Mats_Knutsson
I'm working with translations of heat pump characteristica and I wonder about the English terms (if any) for a ground heat pump:

Pump extremes:
1. The warmest outgoing temperature (around +60)
2. The coldest incoming temperature (around -8 for Brine)

The test cycle temperature interval:
3. Low incoming temperature (usually 0)
4. High outgoing temperature (usually 35/50)

By Mats_Knutsson
Erwin Edel wrote:Maybe you can find some in tech documentation for example from :) (They're Swedish, right?)

Most good thing are Swedish so is Nibe ;) No, seriously the thing I'm after is how to name the different values in a way an EDS user can look them up in a brochure. The nominal values in EDS are the temperatures used when testing the COP...usually given as a comment to COP or as B0/W35...(Brine on the cold side/Water on the warm side).

The two nominal values should be grouped together with the COP and efficiency while the two other values should be grouped together with the cooling fluid and energy source type. This is the way VIP does it and it makes much more sense. I think I've got it settled now.

:) Mats