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By Mark Gillibrand
This has probably been asked before but is it possible to open R18 drawings (not 3D just simple line drawings) in R12?
If so, how would you do it. I don't really want to save everything as DXF from R18 open in R12 and save as PLN which all I can think of at the moment.
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By Barry Kelly
The only other way is if you have the programs for all the versions between 12 & 18.

Save 18 file as version 17.
Open in 17 and save as 16.
Open In 16 and save as 15.
Keep going till you get to 12.

You can only save back one version at a time and you may lose information relating to new features.

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By Barry Kelly
Or if it is just the 3D elements you want you could try saving as IFC and then open that in 12 but I can't say I have ever tried that.

By Mark Gillibrand
Thanks Barry.
I do haveV12, V17 & 18 but want to get the drawings done on V18 to a computer using V12.
Tried saving from V18 as DXF
Opening the DXF in V12 and them saving as PLN but all the line thicknesses go.
Going to try doing same as PDF. ie save from V18 to PDF
open PDF in V12 explode then save as V12 will let you know if it works.
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By Barry Kelly
I have moved this post to the 'working in Archicad' section.