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laszlonagy wrote:Promising stuff.

Automatic Beam Intersections can be toggled by the View\On-Screen View Options\Clean Wall & Beam Intersections menu command.

Hi I've got a issue, in autocad or even in vector works I can create a symbol or object which I can edit and then, modifications are executed in whole drawing automatically. In archicad 15 I have tested "save as component" but I do not know how to edit in order automate modifications. do you know how to do it? Thanks for any help
Sebastian I think you went into the wrong topic. Anyway what you want to read about in the Manual or help files is either how to create Modules (saving a "3D Block of AC Elements" like Xrefs in autocad), how to Create Objects or how to create Patches. One of those should help you if I understood correctly.
studio bruce,

Please stop spamming the forum with the same post over and over.
I have reflected to your question on the other thread: ... 461#240461

I have also deleted another post of yours that was a duplicate of this post.
I don't think Graphisoft will make it. Dynamo for Revit was made by an avid end user (who has since been hired by Autodesk). This indicates that the API for Revit was extensive enough to allow this control.

FWIW, I'm working part-time for D-Studio, a Belgian IT & BIM Consultancy company and we have started developing for ArchiCAD recently (they had previous Revit & SketchUp development projects). We have a novel approach to connecting the BIM software to other services. This is not the solution you are asking for, but it will further facilitate the connection from ArchiCAD (and Revit and SketchUp) with other systems, such as Excel, MS Project, Databases, ...

So even if Graphisoft has its own roadmap, at least they have an API with which you can extend ArchiCAD in new directions.
alexandregrignon wrote:Stefan,
Have you planned to sell this kind of add-on for Archicad (connection to Excel or database) ? I think there is a big lack...
API programming is very powerful but not accessible to most architects who don't have skills or ressources to develop such programs.

We are looking into that. Right now, it is developed for Client but the technology solution is ours and will be evaluated for possible commercialisation.
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