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By juliencuadra

I rely heavily on GDL to build my projects and sometimes create objects with an enormous amount of code.

It would make like much more easier if we could have the line number in the script windows.

I hope the fellow developers at graphisoft understand the pain we GDL users go through and can squeeze this simple fix in archicad 20.

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By Erwin Edel
Essential, it would remove the need of copy pasting code to a text editor that has line numbers every time you code something with more than a few lines of code. The line numbers add up rapidly once you start coding in coordinates!
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By Barry Kelly
Place your cursor in any line of code and press 'CTRL+L' to find the line number.
Alternatively type an number in that dialogue and ENTER to go to that line.'

The only time you really need to know the line numbers is when you get an error in Archicad - 'problem at line xxx in object yyy'
The just use CTRL+L to find it.

If you press the 'Check Script' button in the editor it will highlight the line with an error (if you press STOP) - you may just have to scroll up or don in the script to see it - don't click in the script or you will lose the highlight.