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By filipp
The "Report a bug" link in the forum header goes to the "Where to buy" page on Graphisoft's page. Not sure about others, but doesn't exactly work as expected....
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By LaszloNagy
Yes, it goes to that page because that page contains the list of Graphisoft distributors and resellers.
One can find the reseller for their area and report the bug to them.
By carisplay
It would be most efficient if there were a place that listed known bugs so you don't have to waste time reporting the same bug tons of others have reported...
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By LaszloNagy
There is such a place, but it is the internal bug tracking database of Graphisoft so I don't think that is something that will be opened to anyone outside of Graphisoft. :wink:
By carisplay
Hmmm, I think we have a different view of "bug"... I'm talking about all the weird things that happen that don't crash the program...

like the height and home offset menu flakiness in the object info box... or the way you can only rename the elevations in the properties bar at the bottom of the project map because changing the name in the elevation settings or in the dialogue that you get by clicking the settings button below the properties bar (another way to get the elevation settings), doesn't stick... it reverts back to the name you didn't want.... I could go on... like the interior elevations ignore walls that are perpendicular to the view...

but you get the point... "things that got broke when they fixed it" :)
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By LaszloNagy
Every issue is entered and tracked in the same database.
The issues are then categorized based on what kind of issue they are.
They can be interface problems, incorrect functionalities, bugs, crashes, etc.
But that is for the internal use of Graphisoft.
Imagine what havoc it could wreck when thousands of users got access to that database and they would enter incorrect, poorly categorized, not properly documented issues into the database.
So I don't think the current workflow of "report to your reseller and they will report it to Graphisoft through the correct channels" will change.

ArchiCAD-Talk is another channel for reporting, I will bring any issue raised here to Graphisoft for their investigation.
By carisplay
Imagine what havoc it could wreck when thousands of users got access to that database

I wouldn't dream of that... couldn't agree more, but it would be nice to have access to a list so we would know if the behavior we are seeing is something locally induced or just something you've got to work around... and if they do know what causes the issue...

Lately, I think there has been a convergence of situations and issues for our office, so I may be hyper sensitive... :) Rest assured, they are on it and we'll figure out what the problem is... we already have a list of suspicious actors in the way of other third party software providers...
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By Aaron Bourgoin
this is an issue that needs attention. In North America anyway, there needs to be an input point for bugs reported from outside the GS universe.

If I have a bug to report, do you think I'm going to be happy seeing an add for buying more ArchiCAD?
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By LaszloNagy
I think the best would be for either of you to create a wish for this (having a list of known bugs published somewhere for users to know). Then people can vote so we can see how much it is considered needed/is supported.
Then I can send it to Graphisoft as an official wish from the community if it has high support.