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By alemanda
This would a great enhancement to have the possibility to control the pen of the vectorial fill in sections/elevations.
In fact, for a better graphic representation, the pen for vectorail fills should be different from uncut pen.
You can set the pen in the surface settings for each surface finish. Is this what you mean?

We use grey pens for a lot of vectorial fills this way.
Not exactly.
I mean that It would great to have the possibility (missing) to uniform the pen for vectorial fills as well as (already implemented) to uniform the cut pen and the uncut pen.
Laszlo, in your picture the vectorial hatch is blue like the contours of the wall.
I'd like to have a pen for the countour of the wall and a pen for the vectorial hatch. Now when they are the same. I'd like to control them separately in order to have, just for example, the countours in black and the hatches in light gray.