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Is there a way to see what parts of your ArchiCAD file are making the file large? For example is it the model itself? Is it the Views? Is it the Surfaces? Is it the Building Materials? etc.

Is there a way to see these things so I know what to get rid of to reduce the file size?

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately there is no central location to view what contributes to file size.

In our experience however, it is most often one of the following...

1. Layouts

2. External content, e.g. DWGs, PDFs or JPEGs

3. Sections or Elevations, if set to automatic update they will also slow your file down;

4. In case of teamwork files, the more users are joined the bigger the file gets... only resharing will help.

Btw. If you are concerned about speed of your file - there are also other factors such as hardware and 3D modelling techniques to consider - let us know how you go.