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By daithi101
Hi, I am just getting my head around AC and it would seem to me that there is a built in AC to Pasivhaus PHPP link ?

Has anyone used this ? dopes it work ?
It seems to be looking for a 2007 version of PHPP ? i have just got the latest version of PHPP ver 9. and this seems a bit of a step backwards to be looking for 2007 anything !

anyway i also got DesignPH for PHPP which is a Sketchup addon but it seems a bit tortuous to be going from AC to Skecthup to PHPP when there should be , perhapos is ? a direct link ?

any thopughts or advice very welcome as I am revit user converting to archicad ( a rare species ?) so its all a bit new.

By daithi101
HI Karl, thanks for that, sorry if posted in the wrong spot.

I note the phpp is listed as an export format. I presume this is done via the Energy Model Review Button, which has an export to PHPP option ?
However, this is looking for a PHPP version 2007, and i am just wondering if anyone here uses this as 2007 seems v old and the PHPP guys dont seem too interested suggesting that to get from PHPP2007 to the current version PHPPv9 would be tortuous ?

thanks- they seem to be promoting entering data via sketchup plugin (DesignPH) but this seems to me to be creating an additional step in the workflow if you already have a BIM?

thanks again guys