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I would be guessing this is a file created before version 17 - before Building Materials existed.
When you open this file in 17, or later then Archicad will automatically create these new Building Materials and gives them a 9 digit code after the name.
The BMs are based on your current wall composites, complex profiles, favourites and default tool settings.
The 9 digit number actually means something based on pen colours, priority strength and some other info from the source they are created from - I can't remember exactly what but it doesn't really matter.

You may also get the same numbers after composites line types and fills if Archicad has to create new ones automatically.

What do you do with them?
Just ignore them unless you are trying to set up a standard template.
But make sure the properties of these new BMs are what you want them to be - i.e. some may have no strength setting.

When we were first instructed on migrating older files we were told to do the following if you have several materials which should be the same:

- Rename one of the materials to the original name (without the numbers)
- Select all others of the same name and delete
- You will be asked if you want to "delete" or "delete and replace with… "; select "delete and replace with" and select the original material name, anything that used the material copy will now use the one you have selected as your original.

As Barry mentioned you may have to adjust priority strength.