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By 46cruisair
I know that I did this a few years ago, but -

and I have tried a number of methods I have found in Help, and in this forum, but -

I need a fill pattern that is a 11 13/16" by 1'-11 1/2" grid.

I can't seem to get it to work using the New Symbol Pattern copy/paste steps. Can't find a detailed description anywhere of the options in the menu box for creating the new fill which would help, I think.
Have made a fill.

My fill's grid is offset as each TILE is 1/3 offset in the LONG axis. There was not one to coy and adjust.

And, after creating the grid and saving it as a symbol fill (I can't find a way to save it as a VECTORIAL FILL),
How do I adjust the variables in the FILL TYPES parameters window to anchor a corner of one of the grids to the anchor point of a Construction Method?

My Fill comes out OK as a pattern but the anchor point is off away from a grid intersection of the fill.