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The thermal bridge calculation is failing to complete on some details and the error message tells me that it's because a 'Material does not exist'

All the fills in the drawing have a material assigned, with all the properties in place. Some of the details in the model - using the same composites - have worked. In other cases it appears to fail to recognize the outside surface and the grid is unresponsive when attempting to vary the scale, then I get this message.

Any ideas? I've attached a screenshot.
thermal bridge problem.png
thermal bridge calc screen shot
Solved it. But no clearer as to why it's happening. The render material in the build up was causing it to fail. Despite the fact that it has exactly the same criteria as other render building materials that do work. Attachments show two materials with identical info. One works, one doesn't!
material difference.png
Hi All, The issue is that the 'Space' character in the name of the building material prevents the VIPCore engine from calculating the Thermal Bridge Simulation.
This is a VIPCore bug, it has been recorded and we have asked VIPCore development to fix it.
Thanks, kata