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By Stomick
I know this has been requested before, but I could really do with the simple option to automatically round millimetre dimensions to the nearest 5mm or 10mm.

Surely this has to be a fairly straightforward addition to ArchiCad and I think it would make a lot of Aussies and Kiwis happy!
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By Rod Jurich
Well not this Aussie, I model accurately and do not have odd dims left over.
Numbers are great as there is no ambiguity as there can be with language.
Therefore I maintain the status quo and voted not required.

After some 40+ years in practice I have yet to have a differing opinion
with any of my builders.
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By s2art
Not this Kiwi either.

A few years ago on that 2D CAD programme I was drawing a turned stone baluster based on classical proportional dimensions. Because the numbers were fractions of millimeters rounded to the nearest millimeter the overall dimension was 7mm different to the sum of all dimensions. If you were to round to 5 or 10mm nothing would add up.
By GraemeB
Whether you want it or not - the software should be configurable to work the way the user wants. Archicad is well behind other systems in this regard. I would prefer dimension rounding on some projects, but maybe not on others. I would also prefer dimensions to be displayed in mm without commas (and without changing my windows system settings). All of this is possible because I did it for years in Microstation and other systems.
By eattext
Well not this Aussie, I model accurately and do not have odd dims left over.
I’m all for accurate modelling, but sometimes odd dimensions are unavoidable, e.g. when a wall meets another wall on an angle, and one needs to dimension the length of the wall.

I am also of the opinion that having dimensions rounded to the nearest 5mm (or whatever the user chooses) would result in a more professional looking drawing. It indicates that the architect is aware of the tolerances required in actually building something.
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By ejrolon
Still against sloppy modeling.

Objects have to measure what they are supposed to regardless of construction tolerances. The actual/standard/correct way of indicating tolerances is in how you place your dimensions ( a total dimension, with all the partials except one were you as the architect decide that the contractor is allowed to "screw" up the project).

If walls are meeting at angles then you dimension either by coordinates (X,Y) or by Radius and Angle or a combination that gives the correct and easy way to dimension in the field.

Agree on MM without commas
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By Int_Skylined
ejrolon, this topic not about sloppy, but about some straight rounding of dimensions. It need not othen, but sometimes need.

Next, adding 1 new rounding option (5/10mm) in "Dimension Options" - it's so difficult? I think that "no".
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By ejrolon
By definition if something does not measure what the dimension actually says it is sloppy and incorrect.

If the dimension is correct then you will not need to round it off and in AC and most CAD programs not using the correct information takes more time and effort than doing it correctly. In the extreme cases that you need to override the actual dimension then you would mark it in yellow and add approx. to it so that everyone is aware that it is different.

In my office if somebody does what you are suggesting I would fire them if it is done on purpose after one warning.

But I might not see what your special use case is.
That being the case I have one project were I had to lower the dim setting to not have fractional inches and now I am fixing all those rounded off dimensions because professionally I don't want to have to tell the client that I didn't do the job properly.
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Which one is the correct round off?