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By alemanda
I hope that gs implement an option which download the license at each opening of archicad and upload (to the gs server) the license at each closure of archicad.
In this way license is always available for using on every PC you have (desktop at office, laptop at home).
Now is possible for sure but it's not automatic ... If you forget to "disconnect" the license of a computer you cannot do anything to retrieve it and use it on another PC.
That's very limiting.
By DGSketcher
What if you are mobile & have poor or non-existent internet connection?

Might be worse than failing to disconnect :?
By alemanda
you're right ... In fact I spoke about an option ... I'd like to chose.
For example ... after clicking on the X button to close archicad, beside asking to save or not, I hope to see "disconnect your license or not?"