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hi all,
we need a label where you display custom properties, that we created in the new property manager, and generic attributes.

User case: We use the slab tool to draw medical departments. There is the custom parameter briefed area (target area) from the Hospital Functional Planner and the generic area value of the geometry slab.
Ideally the Architect sees in one stamp the briefed are and the real geometry area to check if he meets the area requirements in the first concept stage as comfortable as possible. Two labels are not really handy ;)

thanks for any hint!

rdgs, Florian
Generic parameter.png
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I am afraid not.

To be more specific its a custom property and a generic parameter i want to display together. I did not find a label that can display both at the same time.

the Generic Label 18 could do it with customised IFC attributes & generic parameters - problem is that this label cant access the custom properties in AC20.


I have problems to attach screenshots here I try anyway ...
Custom properties.png
hi laszlonagy

did some Photo-shopping:

grey: "cloned" existing label

the generic parameters of selected tools available in dropdown list. (group according selected tools)

optional blue:
options to change appearance of rows individually.
Label generic and custom parameters.png