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Label, Text, Dimension, Markers...

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By Rogerdodge
Hi randy, yes I can switch to decimal degrees, but the area displays in imperial inches only
By Rogerdodge
Hi Randy
I really appreciate it, I know I will be using it on most jobs!
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By Steve Jepson
The problem for me is that it's a label.

I like what it does but I am already using labels to display roof ID. I want to match up the roof surface in the roof plan with the roof ID in the schedules which also shows area, length of hips, ridge, valley, etc...

Is there another way to show a roof ID than with a label?
By mthpl
RandyC wrote:there is a switch that allows it to display degrees instead of slope , did you have another way that you want it displayed ? Not sure what you do in your country.


Hi, is there any way to display slope in percentage values?
By Oalias
Erika Epstein wrote:Looking forward to the new and improved version!
Thanks Duane

Hi Erika,

Just wondering how to associate this object with the roof slope...what is your method?
By vdentello
I've tried to solve this issue a while ago, without success.

The trouble is that the parameter that reads the roof orientation line is only accessible with "Roof Acessories", it adds a custom parameter that is called "ac_ref_coords", which consists in a matrix that reads x0, y0, x1 and y1, through wich is possible to define the angle.

The problem is that this is not a standard, that way it cannot be found in a standard tag and rotated, i could add this as an acessory, but, that would only allow me to add 1 object at a single floor, which wouldn't help much.

To show percentage is about using the result of "tan (ROOF_ANGLE)*100".