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By fillejaco
I have worked in Autocad and Sketchup for 10 years before and notice that the orbit function in 3D view and the view styles are hard to work with. Especially when you're close to objects and try to make a small tiny orbit move, and you might move 20m away. The center point of which the view/camera is moving around allways seems to close or 100 miles away...


In Sketchup the orbit and pan tools works relative to what you place your coursor over.

Example A: If the object/surfice is very close, the orbit circle is small and both orbiting and panning performs smooth and slow according to the close object.

Example B: When your object is far away, like 50m away, the orbit will be according to this far away object and therefor much bigger orbit and faster. Same goes for the pan function that also reacts faster.


When working in Sketchup there are different view styles. Like shaded, wireframe, rendered. But there is also one VERY usefull style called X-RAY VIEW which is like the "Hidden line" function in AC but better. You see the surface, but also semi transparent lines behind, and this works in both 3D perspective and plan/facade view. I have the custom shortcut "x" for that, and can super fast swap between "shading" and "x-ray" view in 1/10 af a second back and forth by pressing "X" and the "X" again. Fantastic function!!
Noticed that Hidden line is not the same as x-ray view in Sketchup, and it's also not available in Open GL... why not? Too heavy? It works fine in sketchup so should be possible to fix for AC too.

Could these to functions be fixed for AC20 ? It would increase the work flow very very much. Thanks / Filip
X-ray view in sketchup. Much better than "hidden line" in Archicad...
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By matthewjj
With Graphic Overrides in Archicad 20 you should be able to create an X-Ray style view. It might even be more powerful because you can create recipes for particular elements/layers/etc. that you want to go into "x-ray" mode. The overrides will let you use any material you want (ice blue / glass clear / etc.) and you can create your own if your prefer of course.

I agree with you on the Orbit function. It's not intuitive enough.

PS - It really helps if you select something near the center of where you want to orbit.