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I have tried to use the #Drawing Name as autotext in the View Name title of View Settings without success.

It is certainly convenient to have cloned folders for each of the many types of plans whose population updates dynamically.

However, to make the views display say, "First Floor Demo Plan", "First Floor Framing Plan", "First Floor Reflected Ceiling Plan", etc. one must resort to custom names. This forces the names to be managed manually when stories are modified.

I tried to employ the autotext feature to do the following: "#Drawing Name Demo Plan", "#Drawing Name Framing Plan", "#Drawing Name Reflected Ceiling Plan". This would allow pseudo-custom names that retained the story reference.

This would be nice.
This probably would not be done by prefixes and suffixes. It would probably be done using Autotext, which is actually available in certain cases, for example when naming Interior Elevations.
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By jfa_ra
As we are updating our templates, we are still looking for this essential feature to be added to ArchiCAD.

There are several ways to reference this data. The following variable already exists in NCS Drawing Title 20; AC_DrawingName.

I believe options can be added to the Drawing Name pulldown for "By View + Suffix", "Prefix + By View" and "Prefix + By View + Suffix"

The Drawing Name variable just needs to be concatenated with the prefix and/or suffix to create the string. See below:

TEXT2 gs_drawing_name_pos_x+diam+0.006, gs_drawing_name_pos_y, prefix + " " + drawingName + " " + suffix

(It is somewhere around line 554 in 2D code.)

This also needs to be coordinated with the Link Width variables and possible other coding. But it does not appear to be a insurmountable task, especially since the yield on the coding investment would be substantial.