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By afingret
It's great that Archicad now supports point cloud import, however visualization capabilities are very limited. Working with non-colourized point clouds, one is presented with an indiscernible black blob of points. This is to be expected, but what is needed are some colour ramp filters that colourize the point cloud by elevation and by face/normals. Transparency, point size, and decimation display tools would also help tremendously when modelling.

It would also be nice if the point cloud had it's own dedicated clipping box controls, so that you could easily focus on small areas of the point cloud at a time without slicing the whole model. Finally, I'd like to see a range slider to control Z axis display (top and bottom), without having to open the object settings.

In the meantime, Revit and now Sketchup have much stronger point cloud support.
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By LaszloNagy
I agree, there could be additional 'smarts' for Point Clouds.
One such thing is a density slider that would control how much of the Point Cloud is displayed. With this slider you could make the points in the point cloud more or less dense. The less dense settings would be very helpful with large point clouds with very many point, it would increase their display speed and make it easier to work with them.

One thing is for sure: no computer application will ever be fast enough for all point clouds. Now there are point clouds with billions of points. In the future there will probably be even more monstrous point clouds.