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I'm sure AC used to zoom smoothly pre-Sierra, in AC19 & 20 I'm still getting step jumps with the Magic Mouse scroll, the view doesn't go shooting off as much, but I still find the jumping views uncomfortable.

If you set your zoom to 1000% and then try scrolling the view will only step to either 1200% or 833% there's no smooth stepping in between. The same ratios apply at 100% and probably all other values as well.
So far it seems that ArchiCAD behaves with the logitech mice we have in the office on the macbooks in Sierra, so if you have any USB mice lying about, that could be a temporary fix for you until the fix is implemented.

Personally I prefer the logitech MX over the apple mice, I have small hands, but I still find it too small to hold comfortably and I prefer a clunky wheel over the tiny apple bump-thingy. But this is of course personal preference, but for once it has its benefits! ;)

I also have a logitech mechanical keyboard that rattles like a machine-gun when typing, maybe I'm just old-fashioned in input device taste.

Both are very durable as well, I've had them for years without any signs of wear. The mouse was replaced after 10 years of use, because the mouse wheel had accumulated enough grit and dirt that I just wanted a new one.
I was using an MX mouse but the drivers became unstable a while back so I went out and got a magic mouse. Having just considered your suggestion and picked the MX up from the other side of the room (not where I threw it!) I have to say it feels like a brick in comparison to the MM and the mechanical scroll wheel feels so archaic.

Thanks for the suggestion but I think I'll tough it out for now, we must be due an AC update soon...
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