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By Bruce
ARCHICAD did a clever thing by teaming up with McNeel to create the Grasshopper <-> ARCHICAD connection.

I've heard rumours about ARCHICAD <-> Solibri, and ARCHICAD <-> Excel connections on the way too.

I propose they do a similar thing with a code editor: for example Sublime Text or Komodo (which has a free editor)
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By daninet
They should take care of GDL editor once and for all and not use any third party app.
What they don't realize is that people are actually live from GDL programming and they have to do it in a below basic environment.

Text highlight, line number, auto complete, object preview without save and the other endless number of wish you can find here.

GDL editor had zero development (not the language) and should be improved in 21.

Anyway, this case already has a topic that is running for ages.