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My wish:

make easier usable and understandable commands for editable hotspots!

till now it is nescessary to write like this for one single hotsot to drag:

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!! somwhere above:
 unID = 1

!! and later:

HOTSPOT2 0,             0,   unID, EVEKTOR, 1+128 :unID=unID+1   !BASE
HOTSPOT2 EVEKTOR, 0,   unID, EVEKTOR, 2         :unID=unID+1   !MOVE
HOTSPOT2 -1,            0,   unID, EVEKTOR, 3         :unID=unID+1   !REF

very much code for one single needet action!

What is wandering in my mind:

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e_hotspot2(3) variablename (x, y, (z), direction(x, y or z), appearingColour, code for different symboltypes)

the counting of the hotspot - id should be made by Archicad within itself without any user-needet command!

so - after the varaible-name it should be possible to point the exact place of the hotspots origin without the need of transform the coordinate-system with add2 or similar within the commandline like above.

then the direction + or - should be declared only by typing x, y, or z.

New: the appearing colour of the hotspot should be editable here as next.

Then - also complete new : some types of diffrent hotspot-symbols should be bossible to be declared - simple shapes licke circle, squares, or maybe real icons to choose for it.

Then - after this - it should be possible for the normal user: If the mouse-curser is hovering above such a point - the variablename should be readable before any click on it!

Next: till now it is only possible to change vectors with this kind of hotspots.

But lets get some steps further!

If a user points on any text displayd by a GDL - it should be etitable direct in the drawing enviroment without the need for opening any dialogue-box.

if a user points on any surface - it also should be editable direct without opening the dialogue!

If something is changed this way it should change the exact variable used in GDL like you edited it in th normal user dialogue.

So it would be much easier for normal users to wirk with GDL-Parts!
RandyC wrote:agreed as a GDL beginner there are some good tips here for size genetics and 3d hotspot is extremely confusion in its present form

I haven't used GDL in ages mostly because I couldn't get the hang of it because of stuff like the 3d hotspots. Have the made hotspots simpler in the latest GDL recently?