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By Stress Co.
rob2218 wrote:I have not a clue how to "see" my hypermodel in my list.
I'm registered in the site.

Click the Name of the folder.
That opens a list of your uploaded models.
Click the model name and you'll see
a link to download or send a link.

Is that what you meant?
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By Daniel Ward
Hi Guys,

the revised BimX Free and BimX Pro solution from GS is definitely the way to go, now we are giving them to all of our clients and contractors and they love them. Also interestingly the contractors are showing interest in our upgrading our BIM Server to BIM Cloud because now they have a taste of what is possible, they want to take it to the next level of being able to use it as a site query tool as well. Great stuff.
One small point that is holding BimX back from being the ultimate tool is the lack of a PC version of the App, it's really important that this gets done as soon as possible. It's really crazy that I can generate a hyperlinked BimX document on my PC, but I have to load it onto an iPad to test it!

Cheers, Dan.