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Could we establish a section in the forum for discussion about the forthcoming ArchiCAD Grasshopper Connection Tool?

The beta forum will likely disappear and doesn't really work as well as AC-Talk: search engine is poor, hard to find things in it, etc.
I'm bumping this as a couple of interesting posts on the beta forum should be moved to hear to showcase what some people are starting to do with this tool.

The beta forum is no longer posting (or is very slow to post) notices of updates, including the release of the first beta version for Mac.

I'm happy for the release of the Google thingy, but I do think this new workflow deserves a place in this forum.

the post I refer to from the beta forum has a similar public post on the grasshopper website:

there are others as well that showcase the tool. They should be corralled here. I'm pretty certain that it would inspire more use and exploration of this tool.
I have talked to GRAPHISOFT about this and they said YES, so I have created a new Forum for the Grasshopper-ArchiCAD Connection:

I have moved threads related to this topic to this new forum. In the future, everybody please use this forum for all things Grasshopper and Grasshopper-ArchiCAD Connection-related.