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By Hmooslechner
I tried to connect walls and slab to an Archicad-Polyline in Grasshopper.

Because the walls and slabs did not fit together properly, I tried to move and transform the Polyline-Geometry in Grasshopper.


Then i dont get an simple curved wall in Archicad any more but i get segments.

Is there a way to offset th3e wall and the slabcontur without segmenting the wall in Archicad?
there seems to be an Bug in grasshopper related maybe to the german language or on the Archicad-Conection - its not possible for me to change a Value on a number-node on Mac - Rhino Wip.

I have posted this also on Rhino grasshopper forum.
I think the problem in your second post has nothing to do with ARCHICAD or the GS-AC Connection as it doesn't happen in any of the ARCHICAD Nodes of Grasshopper, seems like a purely Grasshopper bug. (works on Windows for me).

About the first question in this thread: Does Grasshopper segment the Wall into little segments. What does the data coming out of that Node show? Does it show one line of data for that curved Wall piece or does it show many?
If Grasshopper does it there may be a way to preserve the curved geometry (I don't know for sure). If ARCHICAD does it then it may be a bug in the GS-AC Connection.