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By Isaac G Strong
I tried that today, but unfortunately I am not well versed in the texture universe. I could not get the texture (our image) to align correctly. The cylinder would chop my image into 4 pieces and rotate them all 90 degrees. It appeared to me that the cylinder was treating itself as if it were 4 quarter pieces stuck together so my image never wrapped completely around. I use the shell tool to create the cylinder. I created a hollow sphere and tried to map the 360 photo to the inside with even less luck haha
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By JaredBanks
Ah, you're right. That might be a problem. I forget the solution to that issue, but I think there is one. Might be using 2 curved walls and aligning the texture together/at once in 3D.
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By Erwin Edel
Shell tool has no option to allign texture.

I would recommend using a circular wall, it offers the easiest way to allign textures.