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Usually when you inject parameters from object "a" to object "b", the object "b" changes into object "a".

If object "a" has only one parameter "array" and object "b" has also parameter "array" and few others, then it would be nice to inject "array" parameters to object "b" so that it doesn't change into object "a"

By this you could have a library of sections, which can be injected to individual objects. For example windows's profiles could be changed by injecting.
Changing information between objects should be easier somehow.
If you copy an object (or door, window etc), open the settings and use the inject parameters to a different object, it will inherit any shared parameters.

Do you want to filter what it injects? This can be a very long list.

Your example of frame settings works this way, but you will get all other shared parameters too.
Pertti Pääsky,
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You have some very limited control in GDL now where you can tell certain parameters not to transfer but object 'b' will always become object 'a'
It would be nice to have control of exactly what parameters you want to transfer but as Erwin say the list might get pretty long.

Let's hope it might be possible in future versions.

Barry and Erwin,
the injector object has less parameters than the target object. Only those parameters that are in the injector should issue the target object.
That means that I have several injector objects for different purposes.

One solution is a terrain model. You could define contours with one object, materials and roads with another object and so on. I have seen that if I try to include everything in one object, it will become slow to use. Therefore it is faster to define different paramters elsewhere and inject them to the mother object.
Erwin wrote:
"If you copy an object (or door, window etc), open the settings and use the inject parameters to a different object, it will inherit any shared parameters. "
Yes, but that is possible only once, correct if I'm wrong.
If, for example, I have double door, I can pick up the settings from that double door and inject it in a single door. It would inherit all the shared parameters. There is no limit to how many times I can do this.

Alternatively, if you select several windows, you can change the frame settings and they will adjust on all those frames, but the other parameters you leave untouched should not change.

I understand your wish, and it would help, but I am just trying to make sure you don't limit yourself currently with what already works.
Erwin, thank's for answers.
In my Archicad 19 happens next:
In the floor plan I have two different door objects (different names). Ok, I pick up parameters from the first door and inject them to the second door. What happens is that the second door changes to the first door.
I'd like to see the second door's name remaining the same but getting parameters from the first door.
Pick up parameters from the first door, go in to the settings dialogue, inject the parameters in to the other door type object from there, change settings as needed to conform to your 2nd door, inject settings in to 2nd door.

Or, select both doors, change the parameters that should change, and they will change for both doors (parameters you do not change, shouldn't change).
Pertti Pääsky wrote:Hmm. I think your advise helps a little, but doesn't meet my wishes completely.
Thank's anyway
No, again, I understand your wish, but there is indeed a little bit of it you can do already.