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so...I'm a bit overwhelmed (confused) about whether or not the Android device can handle the BIMx app?
Also, if I send a client the Google Cardboard, is it any different a box than for the iphone using the Apple BIMx vs. the Android using a BIMx app for an Android?
One more question.
If I'm using a PC, I upload "Publish" my 3D data to my cloud base BIMx Holding site...then I send the client the link, can the very same link be used to access the very same model on an Android device using a BIMx for Android "and" the iphone using the BIMx app for an iphone?

I hope so...
I have had no issues with my android devices, though they are high end devices. lg g5 and galaxy s6.

the files should be compatible with all operating systems. non of my clients have ever had any issues. however only one that i know of used an i phone.