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Dear Graphisoft,

After the update 4020 of ArchiCAD 20, our office is having problems with function which releases the project in Teamwork, when ArchiCAD is being closed. Currently it just doesn't work and it is starting to be really annoying since now everybody must check if they have released the document (which is a bit frustrating when there is a fire and you need to leave now and you forget to do it).


We have checked this function with ARCHICAD 20 INT 4020 and it worked properly. Anytime we had unsent changes and closed ARCHICAD, this message came up and next time we did not have any reserved elements. When all changes were sent and ARCHICAD closed, the elements stayed reserved. If ARCHICAD gives you different results, please send us a support package after you closed your project and opened it again while the mentioned function was turned on. Best,