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By RivaRivo
Hi All,

Can AC20 run on Windows 7?
I got an error message: "error missing QTCF.dll"
It is said, it come from the latest Quicktime, but that one cannot be installed on windows 7.

Any sugesstion please?
Thank you.
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By LaszloNagy
Yes, I am running ARCHICAD 20 on Windows. GRAPHISOFT states Windows 7 is compatible with it (but not tested on it): ... ents/AC20/

As far as I know AC18 an newer version do not use QuickTime at all, so it is strange error message: ... uick-time/

You can try installing QuickTime and see if that makes any difference.
(I have QuickTime installed in my Windows 7 system so I can run AC17 or older in case I need to.)
By RivaRivo
Thank you Lazlo,

Installing the latest QuickTime didn't help.
Finally, I seek for the specific .dll on the web:

and then I just put it on the C:\Windows\System32\

The installation went well to the end.